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User Interface Designer
& Experience Crafter

Creating Human Centered Designs

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Web Design
Mobile Design
UI/UX Design
Interaction Design
31.4630193 74.2033081 Based In Lahore
//Words About
Every problem contains the solution

Helping startups communicate better with people

I help clients grow their businesses by using design thinking to improve the experience of their customers. I create mobile apps, websites, dashboards and interaction design. I can optimize current state of a project or can start from scratch. I love listening to your cool ideas for collaboration and working along new ideas to enhance projects, visual strategies and ux structures.

Web Design

I can work on all the industry standard tools including Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator.

Mobile Design

I can create web applications, iOS and Android including design based assistance to developers.

UI/UX Design

I can create wireframes and prototypes based on extensive user research and client brief.

Interaction Design

I can create standard and complex animations, based on trends and natural human behaviour.

My Resume

My Experience in the
Design industry

I never would have guessed I’d be a UI/UX Designer, but life takes us on funny adventures, and here I find myself really in love with my work.

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My Quest //

Everyone has a story

My Design Quest

I do user experience design and interface design for web and mobile apps. I love building products, working with developers, pushing pixels, getting user feedback, making things better, illustrating donuts, and gaming. Other areas of expertise include print designs, wireframes, app icons, branding, websites, dashboards, interactions, landing pages. I am proficient in all of the industry standard software programs including sketch, and continue to educate myself on newest technologies, styles and trends. Currently living in Lahore, Pakistan with passion for grids, typography, eye candy and progressive enhancement


01. -

Truck Yeah!

At KeepTruckin I work mostly on safety related projects, my core job is to create solutions that can add value for our users and help them do more with less effort. Some of the complex problems revolve around hyperlapse support and intuitive timelines for ease of use.

  • Product Design
  • User Validations
  • Interaction Design
  • Prototypes
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02. -

Most fun plance to work!

Lead designer of the design system arc for mobility catering multiple services related to grocery, medicine, food, and package delivery.

  • Design Sprints
  • Design Systems
  • Product Design
  • Team Management
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03. -

Dare to dream

At Punch I closely worked with my clients, proposing creative and appealing solutions to the clientele, briefing them about the latest trends and best practices applicable to enhance visual and user experience. I’ve had the pleasure to lead a team of four designers here.

  • Web/Mobile Design
  • UI/UX
  • Interaction Design
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Caramel Tech Studios

04. -

We take fun, seriously!

In Carameltech I worked as the Lead UI/UX Designer for the live chat messenger "fizz". I was responsible for their sand box application that can be integrated into games as a chat messenger, website and dashboard. I also had a chance to work in a group of talented artists along with The Legendary Azfar.

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Seven Centric

05. -

Design Studio

I started my digital design journey from Seven Centric. Where I quickly established my self as the leading designer on multiple projects. I managed clients directly and worked closely with them to exceed their expectations.

  • Wireframes
  • Visual Design
  • Client Communication

Seven Centric is situated at the heart of Arfa Software Technology Park, one of the most renowned technology buildings of Pakisan.


06. -

Furniture as art

At Kalamkaar I was responsible for the Photography related to latest design articles, from shooting to processing and printing I managed the cataglog of over 100 items.

  • Print Design
  • Photography
  • Client Communication
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//How I Work

A good process produces good results

My Process

“Process” is not the act of turning everyone on your team into robots who fill out time cards or have to follow a script to do their job. It is the act of creating a structure in which people know what is expected of them, the priority of their tasks relative to others, and the time they have to get their job done.

  • Discuss the project

    Determine Scope/Strategy/Deliverables

    Meeting at the start of a project to determine scope and to ensure what problems we are trying to solve.

  • Develop & elaborate

    Work Prioritization, Tracking

    Looking across all of the work that has to get done, and determining what has to get done by when.

  • Final approvement

    Getting Feedback, Revisions

    Making sure that project partners know where we are at and if they have any feedback to share.


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